About Nawiri Plant

a green online marketplace

Nawiri Plant is an online grocery store for all your grocery needs. We offer convenience and the best quality of fresh farm produce such as Vegetables, Root vegetables, Grains, Fruits and assorted Spices at an affordable rate, and deliver right to your doorstep. ‘Nawiri’ is a swahili name that means to ‘flourish’.

We are a team of three visionary directors with zest to improve and innovate in the Agricultural industry. There is a large appetite for the human race to monitor and improve their health and well-being. 

Our team sources fresh farm produce from farmers, suppliers & vendors, performs quality control of produce, packages and sells online to our customers. We also deliver right to your doorstep within Nairobi & selected satellite locations.

Our Mission

Our team mantra is to harness our energy towards making your dreams to blossom, hence – ‘Nawiri’.


Our Vision

To offer convenience & quality to our online shoppers and improving local communities by working with local farmers.

Our Philosophy

We source fresh farm produce from farmers, package, sell online to our customers and deliver right to your doorstep.